5 Tips to Make Your Tan Last Even Longer!

Whenever you start to go tanning, you want to make sure that you do all you can to make your tan last as long as possible. There are plenty of elements that could make a tan fade, but here are some tips to help make sure that this doesn’t happen.

  • Cold Showers: Just as it can do a lot for your circulation, cold showers will also dehydrate your skin less than a hot one would. So, in order to preserve your beautiful tan, stick with room temperature water. Also, you may wish to use restorative shower oils to aid in hydration.
  • Drink Water: Keeping your body hydrated from the inside out will also make a difference with your tan. When your skin gets dry and flakes, this will cause the outer layer (which has the color) to shed faster. Preserve your skin by consuming lots of water!
  • Eat The Right Foods:  Certain foods can help to prolong a tan. Foods that contain tyrosine will aid in the production of melanin, which is what helps to make the darker colored skin. Foods that have tyrosine are: turkey, egg whites, cottage cheese, salmon, soy, almonds and avocados.
  • Pat Dry: When you are drying off, whether it’s getting out of the pool or the shower, make sure to gently pat your skin dry, instead of being rough with your towel.
  • Hair Removal: Avoid waxing once you have a tan. This form of hair removal isn’t as gentle as other methods. In order to prolong your tan, stick with shaving.

These are just a few of the things that you could do in order to keep that wonderful glow of yours. If you can follow these tips, then you can enjoy your tan for much, much longer.