A Guide to Moisturizing & Exfoliating for the Best Tanning Bed Results

Woman Smiling with Eyes Closed Applying Moisturizer to Her Face

Good skincare is an important aspect of any successful tanning regimen. After all, if you want your tan to look healthy, beautiful, and natural, then you need to give it the best canvas possible!

Two vital skincare steps that should be a part of both your preparation and aftercare routine are moisturizing and exfoliating. Let’s go over what part each of these measures plays in yielding the best results possible from your tanning bed sessions.

Before you hit the tanning bed…

Moisturize your skin to increase color absorption.

The more hydrated your skin is going into your session, the better it will hold onto the tan. Your best bet will be to use a tanning lotion to moisturize, particularly an accelerating lotion. If you prefer to use a regular moisturizer, just make sure it is oil-free, as oils can create a barrier on your skin that impedes your tan.

Exfoliate to cleanse pores and remove dead skin cells.

Think of exfoliating as a way to give yourself a clean slate ahead of your tan. The fewer dead skin cells you have in the way, the deeper and more even your tan will be.

After you leave the tanning salon…

Use moisturizer to cool and rehydrate your skin.

Right after your session (before your next shower), apply moisturizer liberally to help replenish and cool down your skin. This will help nourish your skin and make your tan look healthier.

Exfoliating will help your tan last longer and look better.

Dead skin cells can dull your tan and make it appear patchy as they fall off. Exfoliating after hitting the tanning bed will help you get that gorgeous bronze glow and facilitate gradual and even fading. You might worry that this will remove your tan, but since the color is in the deeper layers of your skin, exfoliating will not affect it.

Now that you know how to get the most out of your tan, you’re ready to book a session at Las Vegas Bronzed! We offer a variety of tanning salon services including medium and high-pressure beds, airbrush tanning, red light therapy, and more. Our specialists will help you develop a tanning plan that gives you the perfect glow you have in mind.

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Understanding the Different Types of Tanning Beds

Tanning Salon in Las Vegas

Indoor tanning seems pretty simple to those who have never done it. All you really have to do is go lay in a warm bed for a little bit, right? Well, although tanning is not that complicated, it does go a little deeper if you want to get the best, longest-lasting tan possible.

One thing to become familiar with if you want to start a tanning regimen is the different types of tanning beds. Knowing what you’ll get with each bed will help you choose the right one for your tanning goals. Check out our rundown of the different tanning beds below to get started!

Low-Pressure Tanning Beds

Low-pressure tanning beds, as the name would suggest, use low-pressure bulbs to give you your tan. These beds emit higher levels of UVB rays and lower levels of UVA rays, compared to other beds. UVB rays are beneficial because they facilitate the production of vitamin D in your skin, but they can cause sunburn if used improperly. UVA rays are the ones that give you that nice bronze. Since the UVA rays are lower in low-pressure tanning beds, the tan takes longer and is also cheaper.

Good for: beginners, basic tan, maintenance, relaxation

Medium-Pressure Tanning Beds

Medium-pressure tanning beds use medium-pressure bulbs to produce a more intense tan than low-pressure beds, but are not quite as powerful as high-pressure options. These beds offer a higher intensity of UVA rays for a faster and darker tan, as well as arm and facial lamps to target areas low-pressure beds don’t reach.

Good for: regular tanners (2-3 times per week)

High-Pressure Tanning Beds

High-pressure tanning beds limit UVB rays, often down to just 1-2%, and emit mostly intense UVA rays for a faster, deeper, and longer-lasting tan. While you don’t want to use a high-pressure tanning bed every time you go to the salon, working it into your regimen can be very beneficial.

Good for: quick tanning, lower-maintenance tan

If you’re looking to combine the benefits of all types of tanning beds in your regimen, Las Vegas Bronzed has you covered. With low, medium, and high-pressure beds in our salon, you can customize your tan to achieve your desired look, health benefits, and maintenance level.

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4 Ways Red Light Therapy Can Benefit Your Health

Red Light Therapy in Las Vegas

Red light therapy is an alternative treatment that has gained a lot of momentum in the last few years. The treatment consists of exposing your body to low wavelength red light, which then penetrates your skin to be absorbed and used by your cells.

As more studies are being conducted and light therapy is gaining more attention, experts are becoming aware of the seemingly long list of health benefits this regimen has to offer. While research is still ongoing, evidence has begun to emerge that points to several different ways red light therapy can positively impact your health. Let’s take a look at what some of those benefits are!

1) Improves skin health

Red light therapy is, currently, best known for its rejuvenating effects on the look and feel of your skin. This wavelength of light increases collagen production, improves circulation, and reduces inflammation to make your skin healthier. It is also effective at treating acne and reducing sun spots and other signs of aging.

2) Enhances muscle recovery

When your muscles are fatigued, strained, or damaged, levels of the enzyme creatine kinase (CK) rise in your blood. Red light reduces CK levels, which in turn helps muscles recover and reduces pain and soreness. This is beneficial both for athletes and those who work out strenuously, and possibly for those with conditions that cause muscle pain as well, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

3) Promotes wound healing

Intense light at the red wavelength stimulates skin regeneration processes to speed up wound healing and tissue repair. Red light therapy also helps with wound healing by reducing inflammation and facilitating new blood vessel formation. There are many benefits to faster wound healing, including a reduced risk of infection.

4) Boosts energy

The way red light therapy works is by promoting the release of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from the mitochondria of your body’s cells. Since ATP is the primary molecule for storing and transferring energy in and between cells, the more your cells release, the higher your energy levels are. You can certainly imagine the ways in which having more energy would positively impact your life on a daily basis.

At Las Vegas Bronzed, you can experience the positive health effects of this amazing and innovative treatment for yourself! We offer red light therapy at our salon, so that anyone living in or visiting Las Vegas has the opportunity to reap the benefits and look and feel as good as you deserve.

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How Las Vegas Bronzed is Keeping You Safe from COVID-19

Tanning Salons in Las Vegas, NV

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many plans, upended comfortable routines, and made the future moving forward unclear. During this time of high stress and uncertainty, self-care has become more important than ever.

While business closures have made it difficult to practice self-care as you normally would—perhaps with a fresh hair color, afternoon mani-pedi, or facial and massage at your favorite spa—there is renewed hope and excitement as the state of Nevada begins the reopening process. Las Vegas Bronzed is happy to be included in those businesses opening their doors in the next few weeks!

We have always taken comprehensive measures to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our salon. However, we want to assure our valued customers that we will be taking extra precautions as we reopen, in accordance with the CDC, OSHA, and Nevada state guidelines, to protect you and our employees from exposure to COVID-19.

Every customer will have their temperature taken using touchless infrared thermometers.

Those who do have a fever will be asked to leave. Your temperature will be logged to your salon profile with every visit, along with your answers to the following questions:

  • Have you been coughing?
  • Have you felt sick?
  • Have you been around anybody with COVID-19 or another illness?

We ask that any client who answers yes to the questions above, or does not feel well in general, to please stay home for the safety of our staff and other customers.

We will also be taking extra sanitation measures and following social distancing guidelines.

Our hours will be adjusted temporarily to allow the Las Vegas Bronzed staff extra time to thoroughly sanitize the salon each day. All salon beds and surfaces will also be decontaminated using hospital-grade sanitizer after each customer. Customers will be asked to sanitize upon entry.

In order to minimize exposure to the virus, only the customer or tanner will be permitted to enter the salon. If your bed is in use, you will be asked to wait outside and one of our team members will come get you when it’s ready. Please call ahead to make an appointment.

As of Friday, May 29th, 2020, we will be open with the following temporary hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 10am-4pm

As we begin the process of reopening our salon, you can be assured that we are doing everything possibly to keep you safe, healthy, and beautifully bronzed once again.

If you have any questions or concerns about the extra precautions we’re taking to keep our facilities clean and sanitized, please give us a call at 702-453-8266 today.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Las Vegas Bronzed and offering our elite tanning services again soon!

Should I Get a Spray Tan or Use a Tanning Bed?

With all of the great options available for securing a sun-kissed glow nowadays, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you! Should you try a spray tan? The classic tanning booth? Would a bronzer be enough?

For a quality, gorgeous bronze, you’re probably going to want to go with either a spray tan or a tanning bed. Read up on the benefits of each method to decide which one best fits your needs. Once you’ve made your choice, book your session at Las Vegas Bronzed to get the best tan in Las Vegas!

Tanning Salon Services in Las Vegas

What are the benefits of a spray tan?

A spray tan is a great option for an easy and convenient glow. Airbrush tans yield fast results—you’ll walk out of the salon with your ideal tan after just one session! It also offers a little more flexibility when it comes to choosing a tone. You can work with a professional attendant to determine the best undertone for your skin color or the best way to achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

Spray tans are also better for your skin than other methods because there’s no UV ray exposure and little to no chance that it’ll react with any medications.

What are the benefits of a tanning bed?

The bronze you get from a tanning bed will be a little different than the one you get from a spray tan. The tan you develop during tanning bed sessions will be longer-lasting and deeper than a quick airbrush. It also requires a less extensive preparation routine—all you have to do is put on some indoor tanning lotion before you hop in!

One of the most popular advantages to opting for a tanning bed is that your glow will have a more natural look. The UV rays in a tanning booth activate natural melatonin production in your body, leaving you with a tan that closely resembles one you would have after spending a few hours in the sun.

So, which one is right for me?

Whether a spray tan or full indoor tanning regimen is the best option for you is going to depend on a few different factors. If you’re fair-skinned and easily burned, a spray tan is going to be the safer option. A spray tan will also be more beneficial if you’re short on time or just looking to brighten your skin for a special occasion.

For someone wanting a longer lasting, deeper tan that requires less after-care, you want to opt for a tanning bed. If a natural look is important to you, the slow buildup of indoor tanning will be more effective at getting the glow you want. Because tanning bed results last longer, they also require less frequent trips to the salon. So, if you prefer something with less maintenance, indoor tanning is a better choice.

At Las Vegas Bronzed, we offer quality spray tans and elite tanning beds to meet everybody’s needs and preferences. Contact us to get started on your ideal summer look today!

How to Make the Most Out of Your Indoor Tan

There are a lot of benefits to indoor tanning that make it a staple in many self-care routines. It’s a good way to prep for vacation, sun-kissed skin is attractive and makes you feel confident, and UV light helps boost your Vitamin D and mood-improving hormone levels!

Tanning at a salon is often preferable to relying only on the sun, because it offers a level of control and convenience that outdoor tanning lacks. Quality tanning services aren’t cheap though—and for good reason. If you want a bronzed look that’s gorgeous, healthy, and long lasting, then you’re going to have to put a little money into it. We promise you it will be worth it when you walk away with fresh, glowing skin!

It’s important to note, however, that if you don’t follow the best practices for any kind of tanning you won’t end up with the results you’re looking for. Guarantee you get the most out of your indoor tanning regimen by adhering to these guidelines!

How to Make the Most Out of Your Indoor Tan

Indoor Tanning Preparation

Skin Type

The first step to take after finding the perfect salon for your tanning needs is to determine your skin type. It’s best if you work with a professional to do this because it’s imperative for getting the best tan possible.

Tanning skin types range from one to six—one being very fair and easily burned, and six being someone dark who rarely burns. Your skin type will help you and the attendant choose the right bed, products, tanning schedule, and session length.

Clean & Exfoliate

You’ll want to shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin one to two days before your tanning session. This will help prime you for a deeper, more even tan. UV rays penetrate fresh skin more thoroughly, which will result in a richer color and longer lasting bronze.

Take care not to use any oil-based products or fragrances when you’re preparing to head to the salon. Using these products before you apply tanning lotion can leave you with a weak, blotchy tan, and more vulnerable to a poor or allergic reaction to the UV light.

What to Bring

A good salon will have pretty much everything you need for an optimal tanning experience, but there are a few items you might want to throw in a bag to take with you. Grab a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated in the tanning bed heat, and a towel for any excess lotion or bronzer you might need to wipe away. Be sure to have eye and lip protection too—a pair of tanning goggles and an SPF lip balm will do the trick!

At the Tanning Salon

What to Wear

We recommend wearing something that’s easy to slide on and off, and for good measure maybe even something you don’t mind getting stained—sometimes bronzer has a mind of its own! Don’t wear makeup or any jewelry either.

When you arrive at your tanning station, disrobe to your comfort level. This could mean a bathing suit, underwear, crop top and shorts, or nothing at all. As long as you cover up sensitive areas that don’t usually see the sun, you’ll be good to go.

Tanning LotionHow to Make the Most Out of Your Indoor Tan

Using the right tanning lotion is incredibly important. If you’re not sure which product is best for you, ask an attendant and they’ll be able to help you choose. Make sure you’re using a lotion specifically designed for indoor tanning—other products can potentially damage tanning beds and won’t help your indoor tan properly develop.

Once you have the right lotion, apply it evenly all over your body in a circular motion. Wipe off any excess that may be left over. Tanning lotion is important for keeping your skin hydrated and ensuring your tan lasts as long as possible.

Session Length

Determine with a professional what the appropriate amount of time is for your first session and the ones that follow. You’ll want to start shorter and work your way up to avoid damage to your skin. Whatever you do, don’t stay in the tanning bed for too long and risk getting burned. Burning is bad for your skin, your tan, and downright painful.

Tanning Aftercare

Time Between Sessions

Your color will continue to develop for the next 24 hours following a tanning session, so it’s important that you wait at least 24-48 hours before heading back to the salon. This is also the best practice for keeping your skin healthy and preventing UV damage. Once you reach your ideal bronzed shade, you should be able to maintain it with only one or two sessions per week.

Use Product

If you don’t take care of your tan, you won’t get the most value out of it! A healthy, quality tan requires some at-home maintenance for the best results. Use a tan extender to enhance and prolong the life of your sun-kissed glow. It’s also a good way to keep your skin moisturized.

Moisturizing with the right products after indoor tanning is very important to help prevent wrinkles, signs of aging, and any skin damage that excessive UV light can cause.

Stay Healthy

Aside from being essential to your overall quality of life, forming healthy habits makes a significant contribution to your tan. When you’re feeling good mentally and physically, your skin will reflect that with a vibrant, natural shine that accentuates your beautiful bronze! A good diet and regular exercise also help offset the aging effects we mentioned that result from prolonged UV ray exposure.

Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning has the best resources and expert staff that you need to get the most out of your tanning experience. We’re dedicated to making sure you walk out of our salon with a dazzling glow that you feel was worth the time, preparation, and price! Call or visit our website to get started on the perfect tanning regimen for you and your skin!

Tanning Tips for Prom

Spring is such an exciting season for high schoolers! The school year is coming to an end, classes are winding up, students are preparing for graduation or to move to the next level, and of course—half of the school is working on planning the perfect prom night.

Primping for prom can be a lot of work, which is why you should trust a professional to handle your tanning needs and leave you free to worry about choosing the perfect dress, hairstyle, and date! But even those who make the smart investment in skilled tanning solutions need to keep a few things in mind. Check out the most important tips to remember during the prom tanning process.

Tanning Tips for Prom

Take special care to choose the right shade.

Nobody wants to show up to prom—or anywhere else—looking like a dolled up tangerine. If you’re going with a convenient airbrush or sunless option, avoid the rookie mistake of ending up with an orange or fake-looking tan by working with a professional to choose the best shade for your skin tone.

This rule applies to all spray tanning but is especially important for prom, where a botched tan can ruin your whole look and cloud the entire evening. If you’re fair or light-skinned, don’t go with a medium or dark tone hoping to make a statement.

In fact, it’s best to stick with light to medium shades for all tanning prom goers to achieve a natural glow and keep the focus on your gorgeous dress. Professional tanning services will help match you with the right color to bring out your most stunning features and make you feel like a princess!

Be sure to properly time your tanning.

Don’t wait until the morning of prom to decide you want to get a spray tan, or two days before to hop in a tanning booth for your first session. For the best results make sure you plan out your tanning schedule ahead of time.

The best time for a spray tan is about 1-2 days before prom. The extra time allows the tan to fully develop and settle into your skin to make it look natural. The color you walk out of the salon with will not be the same color you’re sporting two days later. You could even play it extra safe and test out any sunless options a month or two beforehand to see how you wear it and how it looks with your dress.

If you’re opting for some tanning bed rays, start your sessions at least 2-3 weeks before prom to give yourself enough time to achieve your ideal skin tone. Wait about 48 hours in between sessions and start with shorter ones, working your way up. Take extra care not to stay in a bed for too long and end up with burnt or peeling skin for your prom pictures.

Whichever option you decide to go with, just be sure to schedule your session (or sessions) ahead of time to secure your spot at the salon!

Prep your skin and nails beforehand.

We know that tanning isn’t the only self-care routine that’s on your list for prom prepping. You’re also going to want to find the best regimen for your hair and skin and primp your nails for the big day! When you’re planning out what you need to do to become prom-ready, make sure tanning is the final thing on the schedule.

Have your mani/pedi done before you hop in a spray tan or Versa Spa booth, as the product application can discolor your perfectly painted nails. Use a barrier cream on your nailbeds to prevent any bronzer build up—for fingers and toes! You’ll want to steer clear of any skincare products though such as lotions, deodorants, and perfumes, as these can prevent a spray tan from adhering to certain places.

Make sure you arrive for both sunless tanning and tanning bed sessions makeup-free, shaved, and exfoliated to ensure an even, deep, and longer-lasting tan. We suggest you take a little bit of time beforehand to do some research on the best maintenance practices for afterwards as well, to guarantee you get the most out of your tan.

Celebrate all of the work you’ve done this school year and treat yourself to everything you need to make prom your dream night. Here at Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning, we offer the best solutions to help bring out the prom queen in you!

Understanding Tanning Lotion

Lady Tanning on Beautiful BeachNothing quite beats the gorgeous, sun-kissed glow of the perfect tan, and the first step to a great tan is selecting the perfect tanning lotion.

Tanning lotions enhance the tanning process while keeping the skin moisturized and helping tanners achieve long lasting, deep tans.

Tanning products contain ingredients that keep your skin healthy and hydrated, and come in a variety of forms, from lotions to gels, oils, and sprays. Outdoor tanning lotions typically contain sunscreen while indoor lotions are intended for use in tanning beds.

Here are a few common tanning lotions to choose between for indoor tanning use.

Accelerating Lotions

Accelerating lotions help people new to tanning achieve their base tan. Accelerating lotions contain moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated and to help it tan quickly and hold the color for longer periods of time. These products typically lack bronzers and help a tan to develop naturally with a nice, even color. Starting off with an accelerating lotion allows the skin to adjust to tanning before you move into lotions with more ingredients and effects.

Bronzer Lotions

Bronzer lotions contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that changes the cells in your skin and gives you an instant tan. Bronzers are typically added to tanning products to darken the tan and enrich its color. Instant bronzer lotions wash away while natural bronzers include ingredients to help increase your melanin production. Self-tanning lotions may contain bronzers that help you avoid tanning streaks and added moisturizers leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Tingling Lotions

Tingling tanning lotions increase blood flow to the skin and are available in heated and cooled varieties. These tanning lotions speed up the skin’s repair process and thus causes the skin to tan faster. Tingling lotions are typically used by more experienced tanners as the lotion results in a mild tingling, reddening, and warming sensation of the skin and possible itching side effects. People with sensitive skin may want to avoid using this product.

Experience the latest and greatest in tanning technology resulting in the tan you crave from Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning, your source for pristine tanning beds and custom airbrush tanning.

Here’s Why Spray Tanning is Perfect for This Time of the Year

Tan Woman with Blue Eyes Laying DownIt is no secret that weekend plans in Las Vegas require flawless tans. Luckily, Las Vegas Bronzed can provide you with a stunning spray tan whenever you need it.

Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning believes that life is better when you’re bronzed, and as the temperatures start to drop, consider getting a spray tan.

Here’s why:

It’s a Safe and Fast Way to Get Bronzed

If you want to cut back on your time in the tanning bed, our spray tan technology applies a perfect sunless tan every time, quickly and safely. While we all love soaking up the sun, it is important to be cautious of how much time we spend doing so. Getting a spray tan is a safe and easy way to get bronzed, especially if you’re short on time!

Maintain a Natural Color

Many of us look our best in the summer when we have more time to spend at the tanning bed and can soak up the sun as desired. In summer, our natural color shines. However, don’t think that bronzed glow must go away just because the sun has: spray tanning is a guaranteed method of maintaining that natural color all through the seasons. Plus, when schedules pick up throughout the holiday season, it’s a fast way to get tan. Not to mention that it’ll keep your skin moisturized in the drier months, keeping it healthy and happy.

 It’ll Keep You Feeling Good

As the colder months approach, the weather gets darker, the rain moves in, and the days feel shorter. Unfortunately, our bodies often reflect it, namely in how our skin looks, but not with a spray tan. By boosting your physical and mental well-being to sport a natural glow with a spray tan, you’ll feel your best all year long. Who says summer has to end?

Got a hot date and want to look your best on short notice? Get glowing with a gorgeous spray tan! Contact us at Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning today for your next spray!

Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Benefits of Indoor Tanning As the sweltering temperatures in Las Vegas rise, you need an alternative option for getting your tan on. Looking for a healthier option than laying out in the heat of the sun? Consider indoor tanning.

Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning has highlighted a variety of different benefits that indoor tanning offers to both men and women alike.

Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Skip the pharmaceutical vitamins and instead obtain your recommended dose of vitamin D through indoor tanning. Your body produces vitamin D by absorbing UV rays and converting them into the vitamin which helps the body absorb calcium. Vitamin D can prevent high blood pressure, some cancers, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, and more.

Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to help your mind fight off frustrating depression and crippling anxiety. Laying in the warmth of a tanning bed soothes your soul leading to a happier you.

Revitalize Your Skin

Indoor tanning helps revitalize your skin in many ways. Tanning dries the oils on your body, producing positive effects for those with acne, eczema, or psoriasis. These conditions respond well to UV light, as it reduces oils and soothes dry skin. The darker skin you achieve through tanning also helps darken yellowed skin caused by jaundice.

Use as a Weight-loss Tool

Exposure to UV light through indoor tanning increases your body’s metabolism. By improving the action of your thyroid gland, your metabolism speeds up and allows you to burn more calories. Creating a calorie deficit helps you to lose or maintain weight as needed. Diet and weight loss plans require motivation and strength; you need to be strong to stick to them. Indoor tanning increases your mood, which in turn helps you stay away from high-calorie comfort foods that thwart your diet goals. In addition, you will fight off the effects of an underactive thyroid such as fatigue.

Come experience these wonderful benefits of indoor tanning at Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning, offering state-of-the-art tanning beds in pristine condition.