Tanning Tips for Prom

Spring is such an exciting season for high schoolers! The school year is coming to an end, classes are winding up, students are preparing for graduation or to move to the next level, and of course—half of the school is working on planning the perfect prom night. Primping for prom can be a lot of… Read more »

Understanding Tanning Lotion

Nothing quite beats the gorgeous, sun-kissed glow of the perfect tan, and the first step to a great tan is selecting the perfect tanning lotion. Tanning lotions enhance the tanning process while keeping the skin moisturized and helping tanners achieve long lasting, deep tans. Tanning products contain ingredients that keep your skin healthy and hydrated,… Read more »

Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Woman Sitting on Indoor Tanning Bed clean

As the sweltering temperatures in Las Vegas rise, you need an alternative option for getting your tan on. Looking for a healthier option than laying out in the heat of the sun? Consider indoor tanning. Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning has highlighted a variety of different benefits that indoor tanning offers to both men and women… Read more »

Understanding Red Light Therapy

Our newest edition to the Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning Salon is our red light therapy and tanning treatment. This treatment has the potential to do so many wonderful things for the body. With stellar healing capabilities and valued benefits, red light therapy is a restorative method used by many for treating health conditions. What is… Read more »

Benefits of Tanning in Colder Months

A lot of people start tanning when they are frequently hitting the beach in summer months, but being tan throughout the year has its advantages. Tanning during the colder months comes with a lot of different benefits that most people are unaware of. Prepare for Winter Vacations During the winter season, even in sunny California,… Read more »