Common questions about tanning indoors

Tan woman in water

Q-How often do I need to tan?

A- Its suggested you wait 24-48 hours between tanning sessions to allow your tan to fully develop. You can build up your tan by gradually increasing indoor tan-time and tanning two to three times a week. Once you have achieved your tan you can maintain it by tanning one or two times a week.

Q-How long should I stay in a tanning bed?

A-If you have fair skin but do have the ability to tan, you should not go more than 6-7 minutes your first time in a standard 15minute level 1 bed. For stronger beds with shorter tan times, you would go for even less time. Go once every 24-48 hours to build your base.

Q-How long will it take me to get a tan in a indoor sunbed?

A-For a vacation or to develop a natural tan-depending on skin type you will need to go for 5-7 minutes building up to max time over a 4 week period at least 2 to 3 times a week. Using a accelerator lotion will help you get a better tan.