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Have the sexy, glamorous look of a deep, perfect tan in a matter of minutes with Las Vegas custom airbrush tanning and spray tans.

Las Vegas's Premiere Custom Airbrushing

Airbrush tanning delivers a sleek, rich, all-over bronze color that follows the contours of your body. Airbrush tanning looks very natural, not to mention it adds a more defined look to your muscles, as spray tanning and airbrushing uses one gorgeous shade evenly across your body. There are no risk tan lines or uneven shades with airbrush tanning.

Not everyone has the same custom airbrushing experience. The key word here is CUSTOM and the professional spray technicians at Las Vegas Bronzed sets the mood by catering the custom airbrush tanning to the client’s specifications – whatever makes you comfortable. Remember, this is about YOU.

All Active Military and Veterans

Receive 15% off on select packages with proof of military ID!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Air Brushing

1.) How do i prepare for a spray tan?

Recieve all spa services, mani,pedi prior. Shave shower and exfolliate nite before and avoid lotions, deodorants and perfumes prior to spray.

2.) What should I wear?

Wear dark loose fitted clothing, nothing fitted and remove jewelry and makeup.

3.) What can/can’t I do after spray tanning?

Avoid activity that causes perspiration. Avoid touching the skin and getting wet. Avoid showering at least 10-12 hrs for best results.

3.) How can I maintain my Versa Spa spray tan?

-Use unscented lotions and soaps for best results.
-Avoid prolonged time in water, pools, and hot tubs.
-Moisturize often with products without oils.
-Avoid exfolliating and shaving as long as possible.


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