High Pressure/Bronzing Beds

High pressure tanning is the latest tanning technology in commercial tanning. Rather than using traditional tanning tubes they use quartz halogen lamps mounted behind blue filtered glass. This allows only a very specific wavelength of ultraviolet light to pass thru to the tanner.

High pressure beds produce almost 100% UV-A which is the primary tanning light ray. The light does not pose the same burning potential as the UV-B rays but penetrates deeper into the skin to tan the melanin. High pressure tanning results in a faster, darker, and longer lasting tan and fewer sessions are needed to maintain the tan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Should I only use High Pressure tanning beds?

No. When people hear all the benefits of high pressure tanning – faster , deeper tan , less maintenance required – they wonder why anyone at all does low – pressure anymore.
The truth is , both have their place in a healthy tanning regime. High pressre beds use UV wavelengths of greater than 315MN there is little or no vitamin D by wavelengths at this level. since this is an extremely important vitamin  it’s a good idea to switch off between low and high pressure tanning.

This method allows the best of both worlds – you get your dark deep tan and yet achieve the benefits of each lamp type.