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What Are the Benefits of Indoor Tanning?

woman indoor tanning

As the sweltering temperatures in Las Vegas rise, you need an alternative option for getting your tan on! One increasingly popular method to obtain this glow is indoor tanning. But indoor tanning offers several unique benefits beyond providing a sun-kissed look. Let’s explore the many advantages of indoor tanning and why it might be the… Read more »

The Top Tanning Myths Debunked

Attractive young woman preparing for tanning in solarium, using sun cream before tanning

If you are new to the tanning world, you may have encountered some myths and misconceptions that left you with questions. As with any beauty or health topic, it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction to make informed decisions. Here are a few common tanning myths debunked to give you the confidence to explore the… Read more »

How to Make the Most Out of Your Indoor Tan

There are a lot of benefits to indoor tanning that make it a staple in many self-care routines. It’s a good way to prep for vacation, sun-kissed skin is attractive and makes you feel confident, and UV light helps boost your Vitamin D and mood-improving hormone levels! Tanning at a salon is often preferable to… Read more »