Tanning Tips for Prom

Spring is such an exciting season for high schoolers! The school year is coming to an end, classes are winding up, students are preparing for graduation or to move to the next level, and of course—half of the school is working on planning the perfect prom night.

Primping for prom can be a lot of work, which is why you should trust a professional to handle your tanning needs and leave you free to worry about choosing the perfect dress, hairstyle, and date! But even those who make the smart investment in skilled tanning solutions need to keep a few things in mind. Check out the most important tips to remember during the prom tanning process.

Take special care to choose the right shade.

Four beautiful teens ready for prom

Nobody wants to show up to prom—or anywhere else—looking like a dolled up tangerine. If you’re going with a convenient airbrush or sunless option, avoid the rookie mistake of ending up with an orange or fake-looking tan by working with a professional to choose the best shade for your skin tone.

This rule applies to all spray tanning but is especially important for prom, where a botched tan can ruin your whole look and cloud the entire evening. If you’re fair or light-skinned, don’t go with a medium or dark tone hoping to make a statement.

In fact, it’s best to stick with light to medium shades for all tanning prom goers to achieve a natural glow and keep the focus on your gorgeous dress. Professional tanning services will help match you with the right color to bring out your most stunning features and make you feel like a princess!

Be sure to properly time your tanning.

Don’t wait until the morning of prom to decide you want to get a spray tan, or two days before to hop in a tanning booth for your first session. For the best results make sure you plan out your tanning schedule ahead of time.

The best time for a spray tan is about 1-2 days before prom. The extra time allows the tan to fully develop and settle into your skin to make it look natural. The color you walk out of the salon with will not be the same color you’re sporting two days later. You could even play it extra safe and test out any sunless options a month or two beforehand to see how you wear it and how it looks with your dress.

If you’re opting for some tanning bed rays, start your sessions at least 2-3 weeks before prom to give yourself enough time to achieve your ideal skin tone. Wait about 48 hours in between sessions and start with shorter ones, working your way up. Take extra care not to stay in a bed for too long and end up with burnt or peeling skin for your prom pictures.

Whichever option you decide to go with, just be sure to schedule your session (or sessions) ahead of time to secure your spot at the salon!

Prep your skin and nails beforehand.

We know that tanning isn’t the only self-care routine that’s on your list for prom prepping. You’re also going to want to find the best regimen for your hair and skin and primp your nails for the big day! When you’re planning out what you need to do to become prom-ready, make sure tanning is the final thing on the schedule.

Have your mani/pedi done before you hop in a spray tan or Versa Spa booth, as the product application can discolor your perfectly painted nails. Use a barrier cream on your nailbeds to prevent any bronzer build up—for fingers and toes! You’ll want to steer clear of any skincare products though such as lotions, deodorants, and perfumes, as these can prevent a spray tan from adhering to certain places.

Make sure you arrive for both sunless tanning and tanning bed sessions makeup-free, shaved, and exfoliated to ensure an even, deep, and longer-lasting tan. We suggest you take a little bit of time beforehand to do some research on the best maintenance practices for afterwards as well, to guarantee you get the most out of your tan.

Celebrate all of the work you’ve done this school year and treat yourself to everything you need to make prom your dream night. Here at Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning, we offer the best solutions to help bring out the prom queen in you!