Understanding the Different Types of Tanning Beds

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Indoor tanning seems pretty simple to those who have never done it. All you really have to do is go lay in a warm bed for a little bit, right? Well, although tanning is not that complicated, it does go a little deeper if you want to get the best, longest-lasting tan possible.

One thing to become familiar with if you want to start a tanning regimen is the different types of tanning beds. Knowing what you’ll get with each bed will help you choose the right one for your tanning goals. Check out our rundown of the different tanning beds below to get started!

Low-Pressure Tanning Beds

Low-pressure tanning beds, as the name would suggest, use low-pressure bulbs to give you your tan. These beds emit higher levels of UVB rays and lower levels of UVA rays, compared to other beds. UVB rays are beneficial because they facilitate the production of vitamin D in your skin, but they can cause sunburn if used improperly. UVA rays are the ones that give you that nice bronze. Since the UVA rays are lower in low-pressure tanning beds, the tan takes longer and is also cheaper.

Good for: beginners, basic tan, maintenance, relaxation

Medium-Pressure Tanning Beds

Medium-pressure tanning beds use medium-pressure bulbs to produce a more intense tan than low-pressure beds, but are not quite as powerful as high-pressure options. These beds offer a higher intensity of UVA rays for a faster and darker tan, as well as arm and facial lamps to target areas low-pressure beds don’t reach.

Good for: regular tanners (2-3 times per week)

High-Pressure Tanning Beds

High-pressure tanning beds limit UVB rays, often down to just 1-2%, and emit mostly intense UVA rays for a faster, deeper, and longer-lasting tan. While you don’t want to use a high-pressure tanning bed every time you go to the salon, working it into your regimen can be very beneficial.

Good for: quick tanning, lower-maintenance tan

If you’re looking to combine the benefits of all types of tanning beds in your regimen, Las Vegas Bronzed has you covered. With low, medium, and high-pressure beds in our salon, you can customize your tan to achieve your desired look, health benefits, and maintenance level.

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