Your Top Spray Tan Questions Answered

Cosmetology professional spraying tan on female client belly with aerograph.

A tan can boost your confidence, help your muscles look more defined, and give you a healthy-looking glow! Spray tanning is the fastest and most efficient way to get that flawless bronzed look, but the process can be intimidating if you have never gone through it before.

Here are a few of the top, most-asked spray tanning questions answered, so you can feel prepared for your first spray tanning experience! 

When should I book my appointment?

If you plan on getting a spray tan for a special event, a good rule of thumb is to book your spray about two days before. This will give the tan time to settle into your skin and look as natural as possible.

What should I wear?

When you come to your appointment, you should wear loose-fitted clothing like a baggy T-shirt and sweatpants, nothing tight or with straps, as this could mess up your freshly sprayed-on tan.

How should I prepare my skin?

In the days leading up to your spray tan, exfoliate your skin and shave to remove any dead skin cells so the color will go on smoothly. The more prepared your skin is, the longer the tan will last!

When can I shower after getting a spray tan?

For the best result, you should wait about 8 to 10 hours after your spray tan to shower. Doing a light rinse and then moisturizing your skin afterward is best.

How long do spray tans last?

How long a spray tan lasts can vary from person to person, but one session will typically last up to seven days.

Can I go swimming with a spray tan?

You can go swimming with a spray tan, but saltwater, chlorine, and shaving will remove your tan faster.

Can I get on a flight right after my spray tan?

No! Sitting for long periods on a plane, in a car, or even on your sofa at home can lead to sweating that can leave streaks in your tan.

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