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Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning Salon regularly features tanning specials so you can easily get – and keep – a glamorous Las Vegas-style tan.

Whether you are planning a winter getaway, a Caribbean cruise, or you simply want to maintain your even and beautiful bronzed skin, our tanning deals will help you save money while maintaining a gorgeous look. Take a look at our tanning specials below and take advantage of coupons to start a new tanning package, touch up your sunless tanning or try any type of tanning for the first time.

With our tanning specials in Las Vegas, you can easily and affordably maintain your tan. We offer tanning packages as well as spray tanning that will give you an authentic, bronzed, island look with just one visit. Our Versa Spa sunless tanning unit features a spacious design, clean air purification system and comfort dry technology to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable while you receive a seamless spray tan. You will look like you have been tanning in the sun for days, when actually your beautiful bronze took only a few minutes!

Our Featured Services

If you prefer the luxurious, relaxing effects of UV tanning, we have a variety of low- and high-pressure tanning beds to choose from. If you want to relax after work and tan for a few minutes, you are looking for a deep, bronze tan in just a few sessions, or you want a quick one-time tan before a big event, you can find great deals and tanning specials to make it possible right here on our website.

If you don’t see the tanning deals you are looking for, check back again soon. We regularly alternate our coupons to suit the season and our customers’ needs. Visit Las Vegas Bronzed Tanning Salon to use your coupon and start a tanning or spray tan package or call us at 702-453-TANN today.


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