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How a Tan Can Boost Your Confidence

Beautiful happy woman in sunhat and bikini enjoying summer trip

There’s no better feeling than stepping out into the world with a fresh tan! The models in magazines, the celebrities, and movie stars we look up to always appear in public with amazing tans. It’s a sign of wealth and luxury, like you have all the time in the world to lay out on a… Read more »

Benefits of Tanning in Colder Months

A lot of people start tanning when they are frequently hitting the beach in summer months, but being tan throughout the year has its advantages. Tanning during the colder months comes with a lot of different benefits that most people are unaware of. Prepare for Winter Vacations During the winter season, even in sunny California,… Read more »

Benefits of Tanning Salons Off the Strip

Woman in tanning bed

We understand the draw that comes with spending an evening out on the Las Vegas strip. We also understand that you want to look your best when you do, which means getting Bronzed before a night out with the girls, hitting the dance floor, or laying out at the pool. If you’re staying on the… Read more »