What to Avoid After an Airbrush Tan

woman getting spray tan at tanning salon

Airbrush tanning is a fantastic way to achieve a glowing, sun-kissed complexion without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. However, to ensure that your newly acquired tan lasts longer and fades evenly, there are certain things you should avoid post-application!


After getting an airbrush tan, keep your skin dry for at least 6 to 8 hours. This allows the tanning solution to develop fully, providing a deeper and longer-lasting tan. Avoid showering, swimming, or any activity that causes your skin to get wet during this period.

Tight Clothing

Wearing tight or restrictive clothing can rub against your skin, potentially causing the tanning solution to smear or create uneven patches. Opt for loose, dark clothing to prevent staining and allow the tan to set properly.

Scented Products and Cosmetics

It’s best to avoid using scented products after getting airbrushed, even though they may be tempting. Scented products like body sprays, deodorants, makeup, glitter, and lotions contain chemicals that can be harmful to your skin (and your fresh tan). Instead, opt for unscented soaps and lotions, which are more natural and gentler on your skin overall.

Physical Activity

Excessive sweating can lead to streaks or uneven fading, so limiting vigorous exercise for the first 24 hours post-tanning is advised.

Exfoliating Products

While you’re encouraged to exfoliate before you get your spray tan, ensure you avoid this step once your perfect bronzed glow is applied. Products designed to exfoliate can remove the top layer of your skin where the tan is developing, leading to premature fading.

Taking care of your skin post-airbrush tan is essential for maximizing the longevity and quality of your tan. By avoiding these practices, you can enjoy a stunning, natural-looking tan that lasts.

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